I bake pies. I bake a lot of other things too, but pies are by far my favorite. I see baked goods as vessels of friendship, health, happiness, and countless other good things. I must also state for the record that I am a fervent proponent of the time-tested tenet “everything in moderation.” Pie and other treats are a constant reminder of the need to find balance in eating and life.

A good friend once told me that he thought everybody should have their own blog, a little [cyber]place to call your own, if you will, where you can be creative, awkward, inspiring, angry, thought-provoking, obsessive – whatever you need to be. I was like “yeah, totally with you on that one!” – but of course did nothing. Now, after baking countless pies and telling my friends and family how “I’ve been really wanting to start a pie blog,” I’m actually doing it. Well, sort of. Pie and other things too. This is a 21st century diary, so deal with it.

More on the patron saint of pie (aka Two Pies Ivan).

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