Is there a patron saint of pie?

A couple of weeks ago, after churning out two gruelingly beautiful (uhh if I may say so myself) pies for a “friendsgiving” celebration (the second of two pre-Thanksgiving dinners) — one “silky smooth pumpkin” and the other a tried-and-true apple — I wondered to myself as I stood before the products of my 6 hours of  devoted labor: is there a patron saint of pie?

Yes, as it turns out, there is.

Ivan Rilski
By Biso [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Well, at least, there’s this friendly chap who, in addition to being the patron saint of the Bulgarian people, apparently also had an affinity for pie as a vehicle of justice when he showed up to feed the poor bearing two pies given to him by the village pie-maker. What a guy. Now, a couple thousand years later, I’d like to dedicate this blog to “Two Pies Ivan” and ask that he bless its endeavor to bring a little more happiness, a little more health, and a little more pie to the world.

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5 Responses to Is there a patron saint of pie?

  1. ani says:

    Hi Allison – looking forward to your blog 🙂 But don’t be freaked out if you post something delicious looking and I show up outside your house with a fork, hehe.

  2. Australia says:

    I love that my friends are awesome. Only you would write a blog about pie, and I think that Two Pie Ivan is my new favorite saint.

  3. Eats McGee says:

    oh man i think i just found a new favorite web blog! i love pies, they are delicious to the max.

  4. Kay Richardson says:

    It’s only a thousand years later. St. Ivan died around 946 AD.

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