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strawberry basil peach crostata

This year I’m making a midsummer’s resolution to 1) bake more often and 2) post more recipes to the Patron Saint. I used to think of this blog as a 21st century diary where I always had to accompany my … Continue reading

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strawberry thyme mini pies

When I was a little girl I was fascinated by miniatures. One of the best days of my childhood included a visit to the Carole and Barry Kaye Museum of Miniatures in downtown Los Angeles. The museum housed the Kayes’ privately commissioned, … Continue reading

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chocolate covered caramelized matzoh

It wasn’t until I arrived at the end of this recipe and was just finishing sprinkling the toasted almonds over top that I noticed a little note at the bottom of the page on what ingredients to leave out if … Continue reading

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tart cherry and apple galette

When I asked what type of pie I should bake for a get-together of some of my oldest and dearest high school friends, two of them piped up enthusiastically. “Cherry!” said one. “Apple!” said another. 

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salted caramel pumpkin pie

This pie is an ode to two of my favorite things. Like many Americans, I can appreciate a good decorative gourd. And even better than a decorative gourd is an edible one. I baked this pie at Thanksgiving. Months later, my … Continue reading

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blueberry birthday pie with fresh basil

Continuing with the theme of posting about pies I baked six months ago, this blueberry birthday pie with fresh basil was a delectable summer treat. The recipe is super simple. It combines cooked and fresh berries for a delightful mix of flavors and textures. I … Continue reading

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bourbon ginger apple pie

I’m not a fan of loud new year’s resolution proclamations. I think it’s a little bit of my nihilism showing through. That said I do tend to make one every year–even if that one resolution is to not make any resolutions at … Continue reading

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