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peanut butter apple pie

Big shout-out to sous chef & pie-aficionado, K Mac, for his invaluable contributions to making and devouring this pie. My favorite part about baking is the earliest phase where you get to do a little dreaming. The ideal time to … Continue reading

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carrot cake with maple cream cheese frosting

Rarely do I venture into the daunting land of cake. Pie is so much more manageable, like a comfortable, over-sized, cable-knit grandpa sweater. It’s comfy. It’s warm. It’s dependable. It has a certain level of understated charm. Cake feels like … Continue reading

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summertime lime custard pie

Summer is a great time to forget… Forget about all of the “important” things you’ve got on your to do list. Forget about how gloomy and cold it was a few months ago. Forget about all of your worries and … Continue reading

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potato and blue cheese tart

I baked this pie on Pi(e) Day, March 14th. Unfortunately being a grad student, as it turns out, means that sometimes you lose track of time and space and pretty soon three months go by before you get around to … Continue reading

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the one and only √©clair

After the recent mini meringue burgers aka macarons, it seems we have a theme going here with this week’s mini vanilla creme corn dogs. I never thought I would compare delicate French pastries to American fast food favorites, but the … Continue reading

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the mighty macaron

Thanks to chef de cuisine¬† Timothy Vollmer for being so adventurous with baking and for allowing me into your cozy kitchen as your sous chef for this expedition and to ogle your impressive selection of cookbooks. First, just to get … Continue reading

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cranberry sage pie

I’ve never been one for New Year’s Resolutions. Probably because I can never manage to keep a resolution that I make in January, despite my good intentions. Resolutions made throughout the rest of the year seem to fare better. But … Continue reading

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