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strawberry thyme mini pies

When I was a little girl I was fascinated by miniatures. One of the best days of my childhood included a visit to the Carole and Barry Kaye Museum of Miniatures in downtown Los Angeles. The museum housed the Kayes’ privately commissioned, … Continue reading

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blackberry peach crostata with savory crust

There is something truly wonderful about a thoughtful gift. I am so in awe of gift-givers who can always manage to find that one thing that fills the recipient with so much joy that it renders her speechless and leaves … Continue reading

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potato and blue cheese tart

I baked this pie on Pi(e) Day, March 14th. Unfortunately being a grad student, as it turns out, means that sometimes you lose track of time and space and pretty soon three months go by before you get around to … Continue reading

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sausage apple leek w/ fresh thyme

One upon a time there was a pastry crust that longed to become a savory pie, so tired was she of constantly enduring the fleeting, albeit fanciful, forays into fruit, custard, cream, and chocolate creations. There was something slightly unstable … Continue reading

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